Oh my goodness, this gorgeous family! This family has been such a blessing to work with, and I’ve been so excited to share their story! Emily and Taylor contacted CAC and were so excited to get started with the adoption process in mid-April of this year. They were home study ready and applying with agencies at the beginning of June and by the end of the month, they were matched!! By August, just two months after finishing their home study, their precious baby girl was in their arms. Taylor and Emily were special to work with, not just because their adoption happened quickly, but because they were such a testimony to God’s calling on our lives. They are young, and we had conversations where we talked about their age, but never once was there ever a question that they were ready and committed to the adoption process. God called them to this. He put the most intense desire in their hearts for adoption, and I was privileged to watch Him work. He made the funds fall into place in a very short period of time, he brought them a birth mom who has become family to them.

I have families contact me often wondering if they aretoo? something too young, too old, too many kids?and there are also thenot enoughs? not enough money, not enough time to raise the money, not enough knowledge on the process there is just no such thing as too much or as not enough when it comes to the great God we serve. When he calls us to this beautiful miracle that is adoption, He will show up and He will make a way. I have to share some of Emily’s beautiful words with you:

She is the most precious gift we could EVER imagine and we are SO in love! Soaking in every minute of it all!! This adoption has been an absolutely beautiful picture that has taught me so much about the overwhelming, beyond our own comprehension, way that God loves us, displayed through the love that we have for our daughter, as well as the birth mom who I have been keeping in contact with almost every day since we left Florida! We are just blown away by God’s crazy but perfect timing in everything! We are taking it all in, one day at a time, basking in His grace and mercies that are new EVERY day!

Welcome to the world, precious girl! And congratulations to your beautiful family!