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Thank you so much for visiting our website. We hope to answer some of your questions and give you an overview of our services. Our goal is to educate and support you through the entire adoption process and help you navigate your adoption as safely and as stress-free as possible.

A Letter from our Founders

We know first-hand that adoption can be confusing and overwhelming. Back in 2003, during the adoption of our first child we realized how important wise advice and guidance was. Because we were educated and informed, we adopted in less than 6 months and saved thousands of dollars.  That very first adoption changed our lives and hearts which in turn launched our company Christian Adoption Consultants and 3 licensed adoption agencies.  Now, over 13 years later we have adopted 6 times both domestically and internationally.  We have assisted over 1,000 families on their adoption journey.

In order to make your adoption experience as simple and stress-free as possible, we have taken our years of experience and we have established a team of adoption professionals, consultants, and social workers to assist you. Strong relationships have been built with reputable licensed agencies and private attorneys who seek families in our programs knowing they are well prepared for the realities of adoption. Our services are bundled to give you inclusive care throughout your adoption journey.

In our domestic program, we typically encourage families to work with agencies in states that are considered “safe states” for adoptive parents in which laws are in favor of adoption and clear on adoptive parents and birth father rights. The birth mother usually signs consent within 24-48 hours after birth and she cannot revoke her consent after she signs. This is a wonderful comfort to adoptive families because you do not have to be concerned with a waiting period in which she could change her mind and decide to parent.

In our international program, we concentrate on supporting and educating you through the overwhelming “paper chase” as you navigate locating an agency and country program that fits your family, complete a home study, apply to USCIS and complete a dossier. Additionally, we can help you identify potential risks and red flags in choosing an agency and country program and as you consider a referral.

Our domestic program requires a family profile for each couple. We offer a service to professionally write and design your family profile. This is a benefit to our couples, and enables us to utilize the knowledge that we have acquired to produce a profile that will appeal to birth families and agencies.  This, in turn, can help couples match in a shorter time frame. We offer several profile packages and options to customize.

Thank you again for your interest in Christian Adoption Consultants. We pray that God will answer your prayers and provide a child for you in the near future. Please let us know if we can help in any way!


Malcolm and Amy Young
Founders of Christian Adoption Consultants, LLC.
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