Our Founders

As adoptive parents, we get it.  We have personally adopted 6 times through domestic, international and special needs programs.  We’ve been there, bought the t-shirt and lived to tell.  We know first-hand that infertility/child loss is hard and adoption can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive.  Back in 2003, we began our adoption journey and found a local adoption advocate.  Because we were educated and informed, we adopted in less than 6 months and saved thousands of dollars.  That very first adoption changed our lives and opened our eyes to the adoption world.  After several years of training we launched our company, Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) in 2006.  Over 14 years later, we have assisted over 2,500 families on their adoption journey.

We are not just adoptive parents, we are adoption professionals.  In addition to our work at CAC, we have founded 3 licensed adoption agencies in 3 different states.  Establishing licensed adoption agencies and serving as Directors overseeing day to day operations has given us extreme insight and experience that adoption consultants typically do not have.  We have had the opportunity and privilege to work day to day with adoption attorneys, social workers and case managers as well as state licensing specialists.  Though our licensed agencies, we also had direct experience working with expectant moms and birth parents before/during and post placement.   We are not just adoptive parents giving you our opinion but we are seasoned and experienced adoption professionals that know the importance of legal and ethical adoption practices.

We believe you deserve the best.  This is your family, your adoption, your child(ren), and your future we are talking about.  At CAC we understand the risk and rewards.  We created a unique approach that offers you, the adoptive parent, the best support.

Your personal Adoption Consultant and Support Team are waiting.  We have assembled a team of experienced adoption professionals that hold degrees ranging from masters to bachelors in the counseling, social work, child welfare and human services fields.  We have a licensed social worker with over 17 years of social work experience.  Each CAC Adoption Consultant has the resources and extensive knowledge base of our entire professional adoption team working collaboratively.  Not only do you as the adoptive parent have the benefit of personalized support from your Adoption Consultant but you have the resources and experience of our entire team.

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Malcolm and Amy Young
Founders of Christian Adoption Consultants