Adoption Resources

Christian Adoption Consultants families receive a detailed list of adoption resources and links that cover a variety of topics.  Download our free Informational Packet here.

Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby – It is possible to breast-feed your adopted baby!  For parents wanting to give their babies the benefits of breast milk and the bonding and unequaled nutrition breast feeding provides, inducing lactation and re-lactation is possible.

One of our consultants, Susan VanSyckle, is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and also serves adoptive mothers desiring to breastfeed.  Feel free to contact her directly for more information:

Susan VanSyckle, CLC

Additional Online Adoption Courses (not affiliated with CAC):

  • Adoption Training Online: ($15/credit, most classes 2 credits)
  • Adoption Education: ($100 fee to take as many courses as you like off their site)
  • Adoption Learning Partners: (courses range from $15-$45) Includes helpful information about tax credits, tough start children, and much more. They also offer Adoption Parenting Pathways (APP), a tool allowing adoptive parents to find local and online resources to specifically meet their family’s needs.