Our Story

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and find out how God used adoption to bring us all together:

Malcolm and Amy’s Story

“We always talked about adoption even before we were married. We knew it was part of our plan but never expected to suffer 4 miscarriages. Instead of pursuing infertility treatments we immediately knew we would ADOPT!  In 2003 we were ready to start a family and God led us to an adoption consultant at our church. After we began the adoption process we had our beautiful baby girl in our arms in less than 6 months.

It was such a wonderful adoption experience that I (Amy) left my corporate marketing job to pursue an opportunity to be an adoption consultant. That opportunity led us to launch Christian Adoption Consultants in 2006.  Since that time God has blessed our family with 2 other children through the gift of domestic adoption and 3 kids through international adoption from Ecuador.

However, the story doesn’t end there.  Along our journey God has not only blessed our family with wonderful children, amazing birth families, passion for orphan care in South America but a consulting company with a heartbeat for helping others experience the same blessing.  He has surrounded us with the most amazing staff that treats this job as an honor and privilege to serve families in adoption.  They know what it’s like because they’ve all walked the road one way or another.   Read their uplifting and inspiring stories.  See how God brought us all together in this world of adoption.”

Susan’s Story

Right out of college, I began working as a social worker to help build and strengthen families. I’ve worked supporting trauma-affected families, as a counselor in a home for pregnant and parenting teen girls and a pregnancy resource center, in a health clinic for the underserved, and as a lactation counselor. Eventually, I found my passion in adoption and helping to create families. I believe that being pro-life doesn’t just mean taking a stance against abortion and saving babies lives; it also means giving them life with a family. I helped to start a faith-based adoption agency and have worked as an adoptive family social worker and birth parent counselor. I also love helping mothers who are choosing to breastfeed their adopted babies. My husband, Jamy is also a social worker and we have two children, Isabelle and Jackson. Although we don’t currently have adopted children, my experience as a social worker working with both adoptive and birth families has given me a unique perspective on how to best serve those in the adoption process. When I joined the CAC team in 2012, it was a perfect fit and abundantly clear God that led me here. In my work as a consultant, I’m not only able to help guide families in the process, but I laugh, cry, pray, and celebrate with them as they add to their family. I consider it an amazing privilege to walk closely with families on their journey to adoption!

Karalee’s Story

CAC our story-2

Adoption was on my heart from a young age. My parents fostered when I was little, and that experience definitely shaped my young life and made me think about family in a different way. When my husband and I were faced with infertility, pursuing medical treatments didn’t feel like an option for us. We knew right away how God wanted to grow our family. Adoption was absolutely our path. We faced some painful struggles in the beginning. We had signed up with an unethical agency and been involved in a situation that ultimately failed and left us broken-hearted and with a seriously depleted budget. My mom found an article about Christian Adoption Consultants in Christian Living magazine, so I emailed Amy right away. She fought for us and was able to recoup nearly all of the money we had lost with our first agency. Having Amy with us through the rest of our journey was invaluable, and it’s difficult to articulate how much her guidance, support, and friendship meant to us during that time and even still! Within three weeks of signing up with one of the agencies CAC works with, we were matched with our daughter’s birth mom. And only two weeks after that, I was a mommy!CAC our story-2-2And adoption became so much a part of everything I do and everything I am. It has become a true passion for me. It’s such an honor to not only walk through adoption journeys with families, but to have gained so many dear friends and created relationships that I will treasure always. I started working with CAC just a year after our daughter was born. We ultimately decided to adopt again the year after that. CAC our story-2-3Our son’s adoption was a whirlwind! Our home study was barely finished when he was born! And even though it  was our second adoption and I “knew the ropes,” I relied on Amy again during the more emotional moments of his placement. Something I couldn’t have realized when we started down our adoption path is that you don’t just grow your little family, you make friends who turn into family. You meet people who identify with you in the deepest way and truly understand your heart and passion for adoption. I am so blessed to have these two beautiful souls as my son and daughter. I am so grateful for the privilege of getting to live out what adoption means to me and my family every single day. And I am honored to get to help other families bring their little miracles home!

Jason and Dawn’s Story

Our adoption story starts when I was 8 and had cancer. Because of the surgery I knew I would never be able to have children. So when my husband and I got married we knew we would be adopting. Through friends we were led to foster care, and within 3 years we adopted a sibling set of 3. When we moved we started the foster care classes again thinking this time it was more to help children out temporarily, but God had other plans. After fostering for 3 more children over 3 more years we finalized adoption of another sibling set of 3. At that time our hearts were opened to the international need for adoption and we were drawn to Ethiopia. We were matched with a a little girl named Hannah Grace who would go on to meet Jesus a week before her Ethiopian adoption was finalized. After taking a needed time of mourning we were matched with our son. We started the process again a year later, but this time had issues with USCIS that became complicated and would not allow us to bring home our next daughter we had already been matched with for the last 6 months. After grieving yet again we cried out to God and asked Him if we were ever meant to adopt again. That is when we found Christian Adoption Consultants through someone’s blog. We never dreamed it was possible for a larger family to ever adopt domestically! Within a week of signing on with CAC our daughter was in our arms and legally ours! That blew us away! After moving states and getting a little settled CAC opened the special needs program and our consultant asked us if we were interested- YES was our reply. Within a few months of signing on we were bringing home our youngest son.When we had the opportunity to work doing local homestudies and working with birth mothers we were so excited and then we started working with CAC as well! It doesn’t get any better than living your dream through having a beautiful family made through adoption than getting to help others achieve that same dream!

Gretchen’s Story

After years of trying to add to our family, my husband Justin and I decided to take the plunge and explore our options for building our family through adoption. We initially explored international adoption, but were deemed “too young” for several of the programs that were available at that time. Friends from church referred us to mutual friends Amy and Malcolm Young with Christian Adoption Consultants. We were greatly encouraged to hear how quickly they were able to adopt their daughter by reaching out to several different agencies nationwide.

We were matched with our daughter’s birth mom just a few months after signing up with CAC, and Elizabeth was born shortly thereafter. Our two sons arrived even more quickly – one with just a day’s notice, and two years later, another beautiful boy who was born just a month after we started the process again.I am honored to work for the organization that helped us fulfill our dreams of becoming parents, and am blessed to help other parents navigate the domestic adoption process.

Casey’s Story

After a month serving in Uganda, Africa in 2013, I knew God was changing my heart for adoption so me and my husband began the process soon after that trip. One year later we brought our son, Foster home through infant domestic adoption. Foster is now 23 months old and Murphy is 9 months who we also brought home through domestic adoption. I have a heart for the gospel, spreading the love of Jesus the best I know how and finding the beauty in the everyday moments that are currently filled with cheerios, goldfish and mickey mouse clubhouse.

We were forever changed and will spend our life advocating and being a voice for the voiceless. My passion is seeing children set in families where they belong. I love creating a personal intimate setting with my families while walking my clients through adoption. I am so excited to be a part of the CAC family and have a career that brings my heart so much joy.

Katie F’s StoryCAC our story-2

God put a passion in my heart for adoption from a very young age. (I even told my husband while we were getting to know each other that I couldn’t marry someone who wasn’t willing to adopt!) After having three biological children, we started down the path of international adoption from Rwanda but before we got very far off the ground, Rwanda closed to international adoptions. We prayed about potentially adopting from a different African country but nothing seemed to fit. At the time, domestic adoption just was not on our radar. In fact, I was adamantly opposed to adopting domestically, primarily because I was believing myths about it.

I was terrified about the idea of having a birthparent change their mind, and I wasn’t really convinced that there even was a true need for newborn adoption in America. But God seemed to be closing the doors to international adoption for us and we knew He had called us to adopt…we just didn’t know where. Friends of ours raved about their experience with CAC so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We were amazed by the wealth of information we received from Tracie at CAC. After talking a lot together, praying, and having others pray for us, God led us down the path that I had said I would never walk down-the path of adopting a newborn domestically. He truly did a work in us, helping us see how incredibly amazing birthparents are (instead of fearing them) and showing us that there really is a need for adoption here in the U.S. as well as over seas. CAC was with us each step of the way as we brought home our son through adoption in 2012 and in 2017 we brought home our daughter. We continue to stand amazed at God’s mysterious and perfect plans in our adoption journeys.

I am so incredibly honored to now serve families in their adoption process by working as an Adoption Consultant.


Katie M’s StoryCAC our story--9

Working with CAC has been such a blessing to us. God placed our adoption consultant, Tracie Loux, in our lives at the absolute perfect time. When we decided to pursue a special needs adoption we really didn’t know how to get started but the Lord really guided us the entire way. At the beginning of your adoption journey we only considered adopting a healthy newborn or toddler. We just never considered adopting a child with special needs because it was something we were not very familiar with. So really, it was fear of the unknown. But the Lord continued to work on our hearts to consider adopting a child with special needs, specifically down syndrome. After working with CAC to get us started on our homestudy and profile book, we were quickly matched with our sweet son Carter. Our hearts have grown by miles and miles and we are so in love with our son! God led us straight into the arms of CAC and put us on the path straight to Carter. Now here we are a few years later, a family of 6, ready to adopt again! We have just begun our new adoption journey and we are going International this time. We know this may be a long road but we cannot wait to welcome our sweet child home from China!


Leah’s Story


The desire to adopt has been growing in my heart since I was a child.  Before we were married, my husband Ben and I talked about adopting in premarital counseling.  Our pastor told us to pick some “hills we would die on” and for me it was adoption.  I knew God was calling me to it and I wanted to make sure my future husband would be on board.  It wasn’t something he was against – just wasn’t something he had considered.  After lots of prayer we agreed to start our family through adoption.

We started by pursuing a little boy internationally and after a year of closed doors, the Lord rerouted us to domestic adoption.  As we began to research our options, I was overwhelmed by the process and had no idea where to start.  I reached out to another adoptive family who had worked with Christian Adoption Consultants.  They raved about their experience and their wonderful consultant.  A few months later we began working with CAC.

In December 2013, we received the best Christmas present when we were matched with a baby girl.  One month later our daughter, Haven Grace, was born and our lives were forever changed by adoption.  Shortly after her birth, I joined the staff at CAC.  As a former client, I truly believe in the work we do at CAC and feel so blessed to walk other families through the process.

In the Summer of 2015, we decided to grow our family again through domestic adoption.  Just four months later our adorable son, Deacon, was born and we became a family of four.  Adoption has richly blessed our lives and we are forever indebted to the brave women who brought our children into the world.

What an honor it is to walk alongside couples, guiding and praying for them while God builds their family through adoption!

Elizabeth’s Story


Adoption has been on my heart since I was a teenager.

When Bryan and I got married, we discussed how we would grow our family. We always thought that we would have biological children, as well as adopt. We tried for a few years to have a baby, and decided that the Lord was leading us to grow our family through adoption. At the time I was a teacher, and Malcolm and Amy’s sweet daughter in my class. They helped us through our adoption process, and within a few months we were matched with a baby boy!

Our sweet Dex was born in July and we have loved every minute of being his parents. The Lord has been so kind to allow us to be our sweet boy’s parents. We are looking forward to adding another little one to our family soon!

I am so honored to be a part of CAC, and helping other families write their adoption stories!



Meg’s Story


In April of 2012, my husband and I started our journey to adopt through foster care. We had our home study, filled out lots of paperwork, went to classes, and were officially licensed foster parents on December 5, 2012. Ten days later on December 15, we received a phone call while out doing errands about a precious baby boy who needed a safe place to land. We immediately said yes and headed home to get all the baby stuff we had out of the garage. Being first time parents, we pretty much had no idea what we were doing with this tiny human but we loved him nonetheless. We fostered Jacob for two years and with the incredible support of his birth family we were able to adopt him on December 18, 2014. He’s forever my Christmas baby; the best gift ever!

Little did we know on that adoption day, we were also pregnant. I was in my second trimester when Susan and I spoke about an opportunity to be her assistant. I leaped at the idea of working in adoption which was so close to my heart and at the same time being able to stay at home with my growing family. We were blessed with Griffin on July 29, 2015.

We were getting into the rhythm of having two little boys when Jacob’s brave birth mother reached out to us. She found out she was pregnant and wanted to make an adoption plan that included us. We said yes without hesitation and on June 21, 2017 we were blessed with our daughter, Elodie. We finalized her adoption on December 7, 2017.

Libby’s Story

God laid adoption on my heart at a young age after watching numerous family members walk through the process and add to their family through adoption.

When my husband and I got married, I made sure to tell him that adoption was something I saw in our future.  He liked the idea but the cost and unknowns made him hesitant.  Two and a half years into our marriage, we had our first son.  Twenty-one months later, our daughter was born.  When she was almost two, we decided to start trying for a third child.  Months went by.  A year.  Two years.  We made an appointment to see a doctor, but he could find no reason for why I was not pregnant.  He talked about more tests and possible solutions, but we left that first appointment knowing what we were supposed to do.  God was clearly laying it on our hearts to adopt.  The cost still scared us, but we were ready to step out in faith and allow God to lead us to our third child.  We firmly believe that when God calls you to something, He will provide and move mountains to accomplish His plans.

We started our process internationally, feeling that was where God was calling us.  After some law changes in Ethiopia, the international process slowed down drastically.  Eventually, we felt God was leading us down a different path.  Friends of ours had recently brought their daughter home from Florida through Christian Adoption Consultants.  We decided to consider it, and I stumbled across Leah’s blog late one night.  I emailed her and almost immediately got a response.  I talked to Eddy the next day, we prayed and knew that this was where God wanted us.

We started with CAC in January 2015.  Leah was such an encouragement…praying for us, giving wise counsel and just being there for us.  In July of 2015, we received a situation that Eddy and I both felt we should present to.  A few days later, we got “The Call”!  The expectant mother had chosen us!  We were thrilled.  After years of waiting and trusting God’s plan when we had no idea what was around the bend, we had three months to prepare for our son to come home!  Our two older children were so excited…they had been asking for years when their baby brother or sister would come home and we could finally tell them it would be soon!

Our youngest son was born in September and is the perfect addition to our family and such a joy!  God’s plans and timing are always perfect and exceed our expectations.

In February of 2017, Leah contacted me about an opportunity to work as her assistant and create family profiles.  I was beyond excited…adoption is such a big part of my life and heart, and knowing I could work to help other families experience the blessing of adoption, while working from home was the perfect fit.  Eddy and I were so happy with our experience with CAC as an adoptive family, and I am honored to now be a part of the team, working to bring families together and see God do amazing things as He builds each family.

Kelly’s Story

As a young girl, adoption had always been on my heart. I didn’t know when, but I knew one day that adoption would be a part of our story.  In fact, adoption came up on my very first date with my husband! As a cancer survivor, I knew my ability to have children biologically would be very unlikely. Through the obstacles I encountered in my life, I think God was preparing my heart for the beautiful plan he had mapped out for our family.
After speaking with a few friends, we opted to work with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC). I tell everyone that working with CAC was by far the easiest and best decision we made in our adoption journey! We signed on with our consultant in March and brought home our twins in June! Prior to working for CAC I was a counselor at a mental health clinic. Shortly after the birth of our twins I joined the team at CAC. I feel so honored and grateful that I get to be a part of something that I am so passionate about. I consider it such a joy to help guide families through their own adoption journey.


Fallon’s Story


On a trip to Africa I walked down a wing of a broken down hospital where two women were caring for children who needed forever families. That month spent with them marked my heart forever and I knew that adoption would one day be written into our story. After my husband Mingo and I got married and our first son Bravery was born we unexpectedly suffered from unknown infertility and knew the next season would be to grow our family through adoption, also knowing this journey was never plan B and something we talked about before we were even married. We found CAC and knew that with ultimate faith that is where the Lord was leading us. From the first day of our home study to the day our son was placed in our arms was 6 short months. It was a complete whirlwind but exactly how it was supposed to be. Meeting our son’s birth mom and continuing a relationship with her has been one of our greatest blessings. Watching both our boys grow together has been such an honor to see. I consider it such a joy and honor to help families through their own adoption story.