International Program

Our International Consulting Services includes consulting services for families pursuing an international adoption. We offer the consulting and adoption support services detailed below.

  • Adoption Education, Support and Guidance – We advise and support you throughout the entire adoption process, guiding you every step of the way.
  • Choosing a Country and International Agency – The first step in international adoption is to choose a country program where your family fits the foreign country’s requirements. Once that is done, we can help guide you on choosing an ethical and experienced agency.
  • Home Study Guidance and Agency Referral – We will educate you about the home study process and the paperwork needed so you know what to expect.
  • USCIS Guidance and Review – Each family must obtain permission from Citizenship and Immigration to bring a child into the U.S. from another country. We help you understand and navigate the requirements and forms.
  • Dossier Guidance and Review – Most countries require families to submit a set of legal documents about their family called a dossier. We provide information to assist you in gathering and processing your dossier and we offer a service to review your dossier for errors before it is processed through the expensive required steps.
  • Referral Guidance – We will guide you on questions to ask and getting the child’s information reviewed by a doctor familiar with international adoption. We will also help you understand some of the issues common to children from an orphanage setting including development delays, bonding and attachment.
  • Adoption Costs and Financial Assistance – We explain typical agency fee breakdowns and average adoption costs.  Our financial packet includes information on the Federal Tax Credit, Dependency Exemption, Pending Adoption Tax ID number, Grants (Contact information including: Organization Name, Phone #, Web Address, Application Information), Adoption Fundraisers & Creative Financing, Adoption Support Organizations, and Employer Benefits and Adoption Loans.
  • Travel Tips – Our travel advice and tips include information on preparing for an international trip, traveling with your child, questions to ask your child’s caregivers, and a packing list for you and your child.
  • Finalization and Post Placement Advice – We inform you on the tremendous importance of finalization/re-finalization, finalization fees, and attorney referrals.  We also provide tips and information for when you return home with your child, guidance on post placement, and information regarding citizenship for your child.

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