Adoption Story: Romi and Kirby

Throughout this journey as an adoption consultant I have been blessed to walk alongside some pretty incredible families.  When Romi & Kirby first contacted me in September, they were hopeful to expand their opportunities by working with CAC. I was honored to be able to help them and be a part of growing their family.

I am not sure any of us knew that their journey would bring them to this tiny miracle…. “baby J”.


Romi shares in her own words about their journey:


“Our adoption journey started a year ago in February but our hearts have been preparing for it for years! We became paper approved the first of May, we were beyond excited and I literally was waiting by my phone for a call. After 6 months with no views of our profile book from any expectant mothers, we decided to explore a new option for broadening our base and having a more personal relationship with someone to help us make it through this process. This is when we found our CAC Consultant Katie. She literally filled my heart with hope again, she was a God send. During this journey so many times you are confused, angry and sad.  Trust me we reached all of these emotions and more. Everyone keeps telling you, your perfect baby is out there, God has a plan, don’t give up. But sometimes deep down, when your in the trenches, you begin to doubt these things. Is there really a baby for us? Is this really where God wants us to be? Should we continue pursuing adoption? Katie was able, each time we had these, doubts to assure us- YES -God is still there and you are doing the right thing. Guess what, she was right! On January 12th I got a call that there was a baby that had been born at 23 weeks and 4 days in the NICU just 35 minutes from our house. He was currently almost 2 weeks old and he needed a family, would we consider being his forever family! My heart literally stopped and I had to collect myself in the balloon store ( I was buying balloons for our youngest birthday party that evening), I immediately said yes but let me talk to my husband first. After a few days had passed and we had prayed about it, we both knew that without a doubt this was our baby! We met Joseph Daniel for the first time on January 18th, ever since that day,  our hearts have been intertwined. He may have not come from my womb but the connection we share is nothing less-he is our son. We have prayed for him for over a year and now he is finally here. All of our worries and fears have been replaced with love and hope! ”


As our NICU journey is far from over, we are continuing to learn from him each and everyday. Our FAITH has been expanded larger than we could have ever have imagined! Everyday he gains weight or goes down on his oxygen assistance and we see a MIRACLE right in front of us. ” –Romi

“I chose to accept this baby for EVERYTHING he was and NOT for what he wasn’t.”

– Romi

“We chose from the day we heard about “baby J” to accept him as a part of our family, no matter what his situation, because he was a baby in need of a home. Little did we know the blessing that we would receive because of his little life. The support and love has been tremendous.”   -Romi

I am so thankful to have seen this family’s faith grow before my eyes.  They stepped out on faith and said yes to many different situations, ultimately leading them to their miracle boy.  Please remember this sweet family in your thoughts and prayers as they continue caring for their new son while he is in the NICU for the next few weeks weeks/months. I look forward to the day “baby J” gets to go home and can be surrounded by his Forever family each and every day.

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