Adoption Story of Hope: Alan & Jessica

Every adoptive family I work with will walk through an adoption journey that is uniquely theirs. And with Alan and Jessica, that is no different.  They experienced ups and downs along the road that led them to their son, but their faith never wavered! Alan and Jessica came to me with much hope to build their family through adoption after experiencing several years of infertility. As you can imagine, walking the road of infertility is not easy, but Jessica and Alan made sure they were not entering this adoption process as a “plan b” option.  She expressed that the road of infertility brought them closer together as a couple, and they had become stronger as a result. Their hearts were now more than ready to become parents!
Alan and Jessica began their adoption journey with me in June of 2016 and exactly one year later, to the date, their son was born!  I personally know Jessica from when we both worked at a local Elementary school together, so I was thrilled when she called me to talk about adoption.  She said they had no idea where to start, and wanted to hire a consultant with CAC to help them on this journey. So, on a warm summer evening, I met with Alan and Jessica at a local coffee shop to discuss adoption.   After meeting together, they were ready to get started right away!  They quickly started on their home study and I completed their profile book during that time.  A few months later they were ready to begin applying to agencies and considering situations.   During the adoption process, they had very open hearts and considered many different types of situations that came their way.  They submitted their profile to several expectant mothers over the next few months before becoming matched with their Expectant mom “B”.  I was so happy to hear when they were matched!  Even though the wait became difficult, they clung to the promise the Lord had given them. They would be parents.   As I look back at their journey, I can see how the Lord directed their paths to walk a beautiful road that was uniquely theirs. They are now blessed beyond measure to be the parents of their little boy while continuing to have a growing relationship with his birth family as well.





Jessica shares in her own words about their experience:
“It was a tough wait and we struggled sometimes to keep moving forward after each time hearing “she chose another family”, but we knew our child was coming so we pushed through! Wesley Graham arrived in June weighing 6lb 7oz and was completely perfect! His birthmom “B” is a beautiful woman who has traveled a road of twists and turns, but she is so strong! She continues to make decisions to better her life and we have came along side her to encourage her and cheer her on! She and her mom have become family to us and we are so grateful for their acceptance of us into their family. Together we want to encourage, walk along side,  and love on Wesley as he grows into adulthood. But I hope he doesn’t grow too fast!  Adoption has taught us to look beyond ourselves and really do our best to love one another. We can’t wait to see what this open adoption will look like in the future!”
It was such an honor to witness this couple walk through their adoption journey with such big faith even when the wait got hard!
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